Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

The Buddha Museum located in Fo Guang Shan, Kaohsiung was completed in 2011. The park is 100-hectares in size and a must-visit landmark in Kaohsiung. Fo Guang Shan's long-term core value of being "people-centric" has allowed it to promotes lifelong education in society, and enabled the collection and curated exhibitions at Buddha Memorial Hall to exert religious influence and become an iconic museum in southern Taiwan.

In 1998, Master Hsing Yun was given the Buddha’s tooth relic for nearly 30 years by the Tibetan Lama Kunga Dorje Rinpoche and he hoped Fo Guang Shan would build a museum in Taiwan to enshrine it. The Buddha Buddha Museum is located in the east and faces west. On the central axis of the main building, there is the hall of worship, the eight pagodas, the “photo booth for ten thousand people,” Bodhi Square, the main hall, and the Fo Guang Great Buddha arranged from east to west. In addition, there is Lingshan in the south and Jetavana in the north. The layout has "eight pagodas in the front, the giant Buddha at the back, Lingshan in the south, and Jetavana in the north.”