Singda Harbor (Hsingta Harbor), Lovers' Wharf

Today Xingda Harbor is a traditional fishing village that offers sightseeing and leisure services. It is the largest fishing port in Taiwan and Xingda Harbor is an offshore fishing port. Small boats go out to sea in the middle of the night and return to port around noon to auction their catch. Visitors can watch the unloading and wholesale process. The freshly caught fish are delicious, and the merchants also sell to individual customers who buy in small quantities.

Another famous feature is mullet. In the mullet season around the winter solstice every year, mullet roe, dried fish, fish fat and mullet gizzards bring huge economic benefits to the Qieding area. Xingda Harbor is not only the largest mullet roe production area in Taiwan, with the development of the offshore fisheries and aquaculture fisheries sectors it has also become renowned for fresh seafood. The tourism fish market next to it also provides fresh cooked food options for tourists to try out.