A new way to enjoy the Mountain Sea Flow! The innovative itinerary of the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization is a joyful mountain tour.

2024-04-12 Press release

 The Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization has promoted the "Mountains, Seas, Cities, and Tribes" tourism brand starting in 2022, and operators in Kaohsiung City and three townships from Northern Pingtung will provide tourists with high-quality tourism experiences.

The "Secret Mountain Tour" theme has launched five recommended routes: The tour of [Children's Fun in Qishan] connects " Qishan Sugar Refinery" and "Luchuang Glass Art Park." Meinong's local small farmers, "Happy Sheep Feeding," and the Pheasant Ecological Tour at Meinong Lake provide an agricultural tourism experience suitable for families and children.

Cultural and historical teachers will explain "Little Forest Time," located in Shanlin District, to tell the story of mountain village life. People can also visit the "Eighteen Arhats Mountain Natural Humanities Association" and "Dodo Bird Wetland School" to combine the in-depth experience of the nature reserve.

Besides, the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization recommends the DIY experience of making "Chibin Sauce" in Gangshan, the close-up bee farm experience of "Sweet Honey" in Yanchao, and then taking part in the water chestnut field tour, "tshoo tsheh bun-hua," in Daliao.

Deeply immerse in the foothills of Kaohsiung and Pingtung to experience the "daily lives of the indigenous people," people can taste the excellent mountain forest coffee of the Majia Rinari Community and the leather carving techniques and DIY of the Liaukui Art Shop. In addition, people can also visit the Talamakau (Cingye Tribe), the only Rukai Mythical Art Village in Taiwan, and the Djineljepan (Anpo tribe), which has created the "Kingdom of Children's Play" in the mountains and forests.

Indigenous food tours include the [Tribal Culinary School] of the Kabalelradhane (Shenshan Tribe) in Wutai Township, the [Tribal Bakery] at Svongvong in Maolin District, the [Indigenous Tea Banquet] at the Chushinron (Baoshan Tribe) in Taoyuan District, and walking around to learn about Nangnisalu in Namasia District.

The innovation charms light travel of the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization, including mountain forests to tribes that experts will guide people to visit characteristic shops and community trips in alleys. Welcome to book itinerary.

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