Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival
Maolin Purple Butterfly Valley Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival
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November 17 (Wed.), 2018 - March 31 (Sun.), 2019

Winter morning,
the first ray of sun enters purple butterfly valley
thousands upon thousands of butterflies awaken
and take to zestfully chasing the lines of light
a rainbow garment, still, stirring, soaring, diving
gliding up and down the hills and dales
like the Rukai and Paiwan people’s dances
ancient and ageless, so elegant and effortless
two of the world’s rarest species overwinter
in purple butterfly valley among the Dawu mountains,
holy home of the Rukai and Paiwan tribes
from times immemorial
year after year after year
generation upon generation
staging this amazing journey
these purple butterfly elves never cease writing
line after line of their magical poetry
as long as the earth shall live.

About Purple Butterfly Valley

Taiwan's "Purple Butterfly Valley" and America’s "Monarch Butterfly Valley" are equally famous, and both are world-class natural assets. Maolin is one of the world’s only two valleys where butterflies overwinter. Each November through March, Black Crow butterflies gather in the valleys of the Dawu Mountains to escape winter’s harshness until spring comes, which is when they head back north again. Every winter, the Black Crow butterflies descend, in giant purple swarms, on the slopes of the warm sheltered valleys at the foot of the Dawu Mountains, the sacred mountains of the Rukai and Paiwan tribes in southern Taiwan. With the colony in some years approaching one million, Purple Butterfly Valley, along with Monarch Butterfly Valley on Mexico’s Pacific coast, counts as one of the world’s two biggest ‘butterfly overwintering valleys’. (Purple Butterfly Valley is not an official place name, but butterfly researchers use it to refer to ecological habitat where the Black Crow butterflies overwinter.) After many years of tracking and observation, experts have discovered that the route followed by the purple butterfly as it flies to the north and back starts in Maolin, and passes through Moon World, Tanayiku Valley, Chiayi, Hupen Village, Linnei Township, Yunlin, Pakua Mountain, Changhua, Tatu Mountain, Taichung, Huoyen Mountain, Miaoli and then on to Chunan, Hsinchu. That how the butterfly freeway is connected.

The envy of the world, this world-class ecological landscape is also one of Taiwan’s natural phenomena ranked as a national treasure, and is recommended by the international travelers and gourmets bible ‘Michelin’s Green Guide to Taiwan' as a three-star (highest rating) must-see attraction, being the only ecotourism site selected in Taiwan. The most important species clustering in Purple Butterfly Valley are: Euploea tulliolus koxinga, Euploea mulciber barsine, Euploea eunice hobsoni, Euploea sylvester swinhoei. When they gather here to overwinter, it’s a marvelous sight that no Black Crow lover from anywhere in the world can afford to miss.

  • Supervisors:Tourism Bureau, MOTC; Council of Indigenous Peoples
  • Organizers : Maolin National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government; Maolin Township Office, Kaohsiung City
  • Co-organizers :Kaohsiung City Tourism Bureau; Indigenous Affairs Commission, Kaohsiung City Government; Linnei Township Office, Yunlin County; Maolin Office, Fengshan District Farmers’ Association; Liugui Precinct, Kaohsiung City Police Department; Kaohsiung City Maolin Purple Crow Butterfly Ecological Conservation Association; Maolin Community Development Association; Wanshan Community Development Association; Duona Community Development Association; Butterflies Restaurant; Svongvong; Manxiangle Restaurant; Home of Millets, Maolin.