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Fantastic fairies’ reality puzzle map

Event date:

From November 4, 2023 to March 15, 2024

Event Location:

Maolin Village, Wanshan Village, Duona Village

How to participate:

Join the Butterfly Appreciation Line@Enter the puzzle map and become a fairy cultivator. Solve the puzzles to gain experience points and successfully restore the fantastic fairies. After solving all the puzzles to get hints and find 3 hidden locations, visitors can redeem 1 exquisite canvas bag at a butterfly appreciation partner store.

How to solve the puzzle:

  • Step1

    Join the official Line@ account.

  • Step2

    Follow the map hints to complete the puzzles in levels 1-3, take creative photos at the location, and write down the mysterious number of the work of installation art.

  • Step3

    Enter the Maolin postal area code 851 into the dialogue in sequence to get a small level passing picture.

  • Step4

    Share the photo to the designated post, and you can redeem the participation gift at a butterfly appreciation partner store.

Event prizes:

Quantity: 2000 units (while stocks last)

Parent-Child Flower and Butterfly Contest

Event date:

When Rukai Market is held

How to participate:

  • Step1

    Families who want to register must make a pair of wings before the date they want to participate.

  • Step2

    Bring completed wings to Maolin to take a photo of the work on the same day, and return to the service desk before 14:00pm to fill in the information.

  • Step3

    Praised and awarded a butterfly kite on the market stage.

Work specifications:

  • There are no restrictions on size, creative media, shape or style, and mixed media can be employed for creative purposes.
  • The butterfly must be completely designed and made by parents and children, and its wings must be wearable.

Competition instructions:

  • All registration is on-site. Failure to register within the specified time period could result in an application not being accepted.
  • Each work can only be entered once, and if it is found to infringe the copyright of others or violate any of the regulations it will be disqualified from the grand prize; if it is proved that the above rules are violated, the competition placing will be rescinded. In addition to seeking the return of any prize awarded, the individual will also be deemed legally liable.
  • If there are any doubts about the event, the organizer's announcement shall prevail and they reserve the right to modify the event.

Contact method

    • Contact Line:07-3596536 EventTeam
    • Mailbox:bcolor3596536@gmail.com
    • Service hours:Monday to Friday (09:30-12:30, 13:30-18:30), closed on national/long holidays