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Rukai Butterfly Protection Market

Activity Info

Market activity list:

Time Location
11/4 (Saturday)-11/5 (Sunday) 10:00am-17:00pm The square in front of Susuke Restaurant
12/2 (Saturday)-12/3 (Sunday) 10:00am-17:00pm
1/6 (Saturday)-1/7 (Sunday) 10:00am-17:00pm
1/6 (Saturday)-1/7 (Sunday) 10:00am-17:00pm
3/2 (Saturday)-3/3 (Sunday) 10:00am-17:00pm

Indigenous performance schedule:

Date Performing Group Date Performing Group
11/4(Sat) Ku Chih chih 11/5(Sun) Diaper Band
Paiwan Girls Melanin(single)
12/2(Sat) Vai Band 12/3(Sun) Two Stroke Engine
Li Kewei Rukai Music Duo
1/6(Sat) Mountain children band 1/7(Sun) Dashan & Atuo
Jin Heya Diaper Band
2/3(Sat) Jin Heya 2/4(Sun) Xie Yingxiong
Paiwan Girls Melanin
3/2(Sat) Li Kewei 3/3(Sun) Gleaner Arts
Vai Band R.k Rukai Music Log

Free cultural experiences list:

Order Time DIY Experience
1 November 4, 2023 (Saturday) Beaded bracelet
2 November 5, 2023 (Sunday) Earth Gem Soap
3 December 2, 2023 (Saturday) Nanlu Herb Ball
4 December 3, 2023 (Sunday) Rukai Wreath DIY
5 January 6, 2024 (Saturday) Make mochi
6 January 7, 2024 (Sunday) Cinavu
7 February 3, 2024 (Saturday) Glass DIY
8 February 4, 2024 (Sunday) Hand washed Aiyu
9 March 2, 2024 (Saturday) Dragon bone stone necklace
10 March 4, 2024 (Sunday) Millet rice dumplings

Contact method

    • Contact Line:07-3596536 EventTeam
    • Mailbox:bcolor3596536@gmail.com
    • Service hours:Monday to Friday (09:30-12:30, 13:30-18:30), closed on national/long holidays