Let’s seize post epidemic tourism opportunities. Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization engages with Hitoyoshi Kuma Regional Organization of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, with letter of intent for cooperation

2023-09-27 Press release

Having identical tourism resources such as hot springs, historical sites, fine wine, sports and township tourism. The Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization and Hitoyoshi Kuma Tourism Development Area Council of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan, on September 23 organization head Liu Kunfu signed letter of intent on online cooperation, witnessed by House of Representatives member Yoshiyuki Kaneko, Ministry of Land Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kyushu District Transport Bureau Director Takahiro Yoshinaga and Director Chen Mingjun from the Fukuoka Branch of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Osaka. In the future, the two sides will cooperate in all aspects of tourism, including resource exchange and product promotion and strive to provide high-quality tourism services to international tourists.

The "Hitoyoshi Kuma Tourism Area Development Council of Kumamoto Prefecture" is composed of Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture and 10 surrounding government agencies and private organizations. The Council also worked with the residents of the Kuma River Basin after the Kumamoto Flood impacted the tourism industry in 2020. After the disaster, through the sister city relationship between Kumamoto County and Kaohsiung City, senior members of the "Kaohsiung International Bike Tourism Promotion Association" were invited to help and share Taiwan's experience in developing hot spring tourism and bicycle tourism.

This cooperation was also planned in advance by the Japanese side on the NHK NEWS international news network in Kumamoto Prefecture. A preview message was released and an anchor mentioned the location of Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization as "the largest city in southern Taiwan," as well as the Organization having abundant business connections with more than 38 public associations and more than 200 companies as partners.

Online witness, Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters Director Ke Jianxing, said the work of Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization is based on the rich resources available in the local mountains, cities, seas and plains, as well as the extensive international contacts and communications network of urban industry operators. This time, we exchange experiences in Kaohsiung with Kumamoto Prefecture on the basis of sports tourism, and thereafter we can exchange experiences on hot springs, hiking trails, food, accommodation and other food and wine shopping items, and set up cross-border cooperation through the "Mountain Sea Flow" program to jointly develop tourism. For more information on Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization, visit the official website.

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