Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization promotes "Mountains, Seas, City and Indigenous Areas" brand souvenirs, shaping tourist destinations with Taiwan features

2023-10-31 Press release

Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, MOTC collaborated with five member operators to launch exclusive branded cultural and creative souvenirs, focused on the four major tourism brands of the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization - "Mountains, Seas, City and Indigenous Area," with the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization LOGO element as a visual element of the outer packaging design. The hope is to share this experience with visitors from home and abroad through cultural and creative souvenirs, combined with the benefits of travel industry promotions and to build Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization into a tourism brand.

The cultural and creative souvenirs that are part of this cooperation include "Lemon Ginger Gummy" made using a French fudge making method with fresh lemon and ginger powder from the foothills of the "Mountain" - the Kaohsiung Endian Agricultural Producer's Cooperative in Namaxia District specializes in natural non-toxic agricultural products from; "Fourfinger Threadfin fish cake" which uses freshly caught Fourfinger Threadfin made into fish paste, from the "Sea" at Taiwan's largest modern tourist Xing Da fishing harbor in Qieding District.

In terms of "Indigenous" townships - the Baoshan tribe from Taoyuan District come from one of the main areas for native tea in Taiwan. Napu Organic Tea Garden uses natural farming methods and not only offers "organic Napu native tea bags" but also offers a Bunun tea party experience tour where visitors can enjoy tea at tea farm;From the "City" brand - Kaohsiung Cultural Association in Zuoying District is committed to protecting Zuoying’s historical sites and promoting local culture and to that end it launched the "Hip City Bag" with a traditional style and cute Dragon Tiger Tower motif.

Among the series of gifts traveling around southern Taiwan, postcards are certainly one of the first choices to commemorate the memories of traveling to different cities. The Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization and Observerdoer, an advocate of learning tourism, have collaborated to launch a Taiwan PIN postcard, which is like a treasured piece of history, leaving visiting travelers with beautiful travel footprints.

The above-mentioned five cultural and creative gift boxes are imbued with rich local tourism meaning. Each one comes with Kaohsiung Destinating Marketing Organization and partner product introduction cards in Chinese, English and Japanese, showing the enthusiasm of local businesses to entertain international tourists. In addition, in order to show our gratitude to the many travel operators who have worked to promote innovative experiences and special itineraries in the Destinating Marketing Organization, involving the beauty of "Mountains, Seas, City and Indigenous Areas," anyone who signs up for one of the special itineraries with a cooperating travel agency in Taiwan will have a chance to receive free brand cultural and creative souvenirs from Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters.

For detailed information on recommended attractions and itineraries from the Kaohsiung Destinating Marketing Organization go to the official website of Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters. Visitors from home and abroad are welcome to visit Kaohsiung harbor and the mountains, roam around southern Taiwan and experience the unique cultural landscape between the mountains and the sea.

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