Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization together with environmentally friendly and vegetarian visits to 2023 International Book Fair and Vegetarian Expo

2023-11-06 Press release

 Five environmentally friendly businesses partner stores will be in attendance at the 2023 International Book Fair and Vegetarian Expo Vegetarian Expo held from November 4-12, giving vegetarian food and vegetarian visitors a glimpse of the charm of Kaohsiung. Don’t know what souvenirs to buy in Kaohsiung? Go to the expo and enjoy shopping.

Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, MOTC observes that vegetarians and vegans also have many choices in Kaohsiung. The partner stores invited to attend the exhibition include 5 partner stores of the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization including "Paramitas Bakery," which is committed to charity work; "House of Red Quinoa" where no pesticides are used in order to reduce environmental damage and agricultural products are selected based on their friendliness to purple Euploea butterflies. Organic agricultural products are used to make healthy food; "Xin Yuan Tea Factory" produces hand-picked Taiwanese native mountain tea using natural farming methods; "Wish Bakery" carefully selects Liugui local mountain tea, mangos, plums and other agricultural produce to make into souvenirs and baked snacks; and "Dago Premium Selection," which selects local specialties and creates a local sales platform in Kaohsiung based on drug-free living, friendly farming, tourism and produce integration.

Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters pointed out that this year's International Book Fair and Vegetarian Expo theme was "Protecting the Environment and Mind - Protecting the Earth with a Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes." In this way, it promotes ecological protection, spiritual protection and green living. Many members of Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization also subscribe to environmental friendliness and hope visitors can feel the spiritual richness when they travel to Kaohsiung and three townships in north Pingtung. There is a special emphasis on deeply experiencing the flow of mountains and sea, the friendly environment of indigenous hometowns, and the peace of daily life, sunrise to sunset.

Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization participated in the expo for the first time, strongly promoting local tourism in Kaohsiung and three townships in north Pingtung, while inviting tourists from all over Taiwan to come and experience the unique DNA of Kaohsiung and its rare mix of mountains, sea, city and harbor. For more information about the International Book Fair and Vegetarian Expo, go to the official website of "Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum." For more information on Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization, visit the official website or the fan page Fun Maolin.

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