About the wedding

The Austronesian Wedding is an activity held by the Maolin National Scenic Area Administration featuring the region’s indigenous cultures. It follows the wedding traditions of Paiwan and Rukai tribal chiefs in the three townships of Pingbei, Majia, Sandimen and Wutai.

Paiwan wedding

Paiwan people see weddings as an important life event. Only after a wedding will the person be accepted as a new family member, a "grown-up" of the tribe. The wedding means this person has a "home" / "family" of his or her own, and such will be acknowledged by the whole tribe. Then the person receives his or her share of family assets and daily resources, and own the right to his or her harvests in farming fields.

An aristocrat's wedding ("mamazangilan") is quite delicate. It includes the following:

  1. Proposal rite
  2. Sending firewood
  3. Setting up swings
  4. Sending dowry
  5. The wedding

Rukai wedding

A wedding is a crucial event for any Rukai people. On a personal level, it is an influential experience in life. Through wedding, a person’s status in a tribe is enhanced. Besides, marriage not only brings two people together, but also establishes ties between nuclear and extended families within a tribe. It can even help form alliances between two different tribes. Even social and moral rules may be formed through weddings.

Rukai tribes are operated under distinct social hierarchies. This is especially salient when it comes to weddings. For instance, an aristocrat wedding must show the status and honor the two families involved, sometimes even tribes. Therefore, attending the wedding of a Rukai tribal chief (“dalialaLai”) is like joining a grand networking event for different families and/or tribes.

Aristocrat weddings are very complicated and norms and rules must be followed. In brief, the procedure is as follows:

  1. First:An act of love (“mauapapaLangekucengerenge”)
  2. Second:Pre-wedding rite (“WaLirhau”)
  3. Third:Presenting dowries