Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarter will show you the beauty of Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization. Kaohsiung Winter International Travel Fair Expo offers the chance to win a NT$10,000 accommodation voucher whenever you spend more than NT$100

2023-12-01 Press release

In order to promote domestic tourism, specialty industries and Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization tours, will officially debut at the four-day "2023 Kaohsiung City Travel Association Winter International Travel Exhibition" from December 1-4, at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center.

On this occasion, Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarter invited special operators and local agricultural producers from the organization and three townships in northern Pingtung County who offer a rich and diverse range of products, including “Wutai Memory Fragrance Gift Box,” "Cemel Flower and Seeds ground coffee filter bags" and Majia Township - Ljaukui Leather Workshop, Cultural Party in Kaohsiung City, Zhibin Bean Sauce, Goodwill Foods, Tshee Tshen Bun-Hua and Nishimi Studio (Dodo Wetland School). As many as 20 businesses, including Kaohsiung Cultural Association, participated in the exhibition to promote products and tours in the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization.

In order to attract people to spend their hard-earned money and support local industry, in addition to cash coupons for first prizes that can be used on the spot, scratch tickets are also available for visitors to try their luck and get good gifts. Bonus prizes include H2O Hotel luxury accommodation vouchers and Grand Hotel Kaohsiung accommodation vouchers, combined with on-site discount activities and Kaohsiung Shopping Heaven. Enjoy your time in Kaohsiung having fun and eating great food.

For more information about scenic tourist spots and itineraries, visit the official website of Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization and the Fun Maolin (Maolin National Scenic Area) fan page.

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