Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization offers an in-depth tourism deal with its NT$200 fun tour purchase vouchers, but these are limited so first come, first served.

2023-12-11 Press release

Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters and Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization launched the fourth part of their joint "Kaohsiung Fun Tour" events, offering 13 itineraries that include mountain, sea, city and indigenous area trips in Kaohsiung. The first 200 visitors who sign up with travel itinerary operators before January 10, 2024, have a chance to receive NT$200 fun tour purchase vouchers, but only a limited amount are available so first come, first served.

Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization integrates the tourism industry in 38 Kaohsiung City districts and three townships in northern Pingtung (Wutai, Sandimen, and Majia). On this occasion, the "Kaohsiung Fun Tour" event selected 13 itineraries, guided by local industry experts and cultural history workers, enabling the public to experience the stories of Kaohsiung's famous products, indigenous leather carving crafts, children's games, ecological tourism, local food farming etc. This involves multiple tourism trips to Hakka towns, indigenous tribes, military villages, fishing villages and harbors, that parents, children and seniors can enjoy.

In addition to rich local culture, the "Kaohsiung Fun Tour" 13 itineraries also offer visitors the chance to experience specialty products and seasonal characteristics in Kaohsiung. For example, participants in the "Young Sauce Maker" event experience the process of making bean sauce; Tshee Tshen Bun-Hua from Kaohsiung Daliao launched the food farming educational experience focused on bean and red beans based on agricultural characteristics at different times. In addition, "educational food farming tours by tribe cooking schools" led by Pingtung County Wutai Township Shenshan Community Development Association uses the traditional and seasonal ingredients of the Rukai, from the place of production to the table, so visitors better understand the food culture and traditional wisdom of the Rukai people.

Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters Director Ke Jianxing said selected "Kaohsiung Fun Tour" tourism operators not only provide a range of fulfilling experiences but also offer premium quality gifts or provide dining services. The fun tour vouchers encourage visitors to make purchases at local shops on the itineraries and enjoy the tourism experience by combining food, travel and shopping. The vouchers are offered directly on the day of the itinerary and can be used right away.

The Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters reminds visitors that Kaohsiung fun tour purchase vouchers must not be exchanged for cash, and are limited in quantity. Call or sign up via the webpage of tourism operators offering various itineraries as soon as possible. Detailed event information is available from the “Event News/Deals” section of the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization official website and the Fun Maolin fan page (Maolin National Scenic Area) fan page, or join the official LINE@of Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization.

"Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization" official LINE@

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