Li Zhang Taiwan Sea Bream

Catering Services

"Li Zhang Taiwan Sea Bream" is a restaurant that specializes in dishes made from freshly caught fish and shrimp. It takes just 10 minutes to prepare “Taiwan Sea Bream” from where it is farmed to the table.

  • Good Luck Knock Knock Fish (advance reservation required)
    Taiwan sea bream from a fish farm is processed, its body covered with thick salt and salt-baked for an hour in an oven.
  • Hakka casserole with Taiwan sea bream
    The sweet and delicious soup base is vegetable and fruit soup cooked every day. As it cooks for a long time, the gelatin of the bream becomes part of the soup. A whole deep-fried Taiwan sea bream is placed on top.The meringue and fried bean curd are covered with Chinese cabbage, radish and other vegetables on the bottom, all from small local farmers in Meinong.