2023 Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters offers a full giveaway at Taichung International Travel Exhibition! Takes you on a tour of Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization

2023-10-13 Press release

 In order to promote the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization, Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters took part in the "2023 ATTA Taichung International Travel Exhibition" from October 13-16, at Taichung International Exhibition Center.

Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization strongly promotes local tourism in Kaohsiung City and three townships in northern Pingtung. On this occasion, 21 organization operators jointly provided a selection of attractive deals. Anyone who spends a certain amount on site receives scratch cards and has the opportunity to win the top prize. Participants can get a chance to win one night in a NT$10,000 per night 2-person room at the H2O Hotel and take part in the Ichibankuji draw. Cash coupons awarded can also be spent directly on site. Everyone has a chance to win a prize, and the prizes are great.

Ke Jianxing, Director of Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters, said the weather in October is breezy, which is the best time for the whole family to visit Kaohsiung hot springs, where they can enjoy the unique and beautiful scenery at the foot of Kaoping Mountain and the cultural customs of Kaohsiung Mountain City. He hopes visitors come to the Taichung International Travel Exhibition to get to know the high-quality offerings of the Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization, and fully experience food, accommodation, travel and shopping in Kaohsiung.

Visitors can go to Kaohsiung with a NT$600 "Outstanding Stay in Kaohsiung" accommodation voucher and explore every local attraction. For more information about tourism scenic spots and itineraries, visit the official website of Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization and the Fun Maolin (Maolin National Scenic Area) fan page.

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