A new choice for in-depth domestic travel, Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization launches "Mountains, Seas, City and Indigenous Area" innovative itineraries

2023-10-30 Press release

In order to promote innovative and charming small tours in Kaohsiung, Maolin National Scenic Area headquarters, Tourism Administration, MOTC, has created brand new itineraries based on the four major tourism themes of "Mountains, Seas, City, and Indigenous Areas" in cooperation with a travel agency that promotes in-depth tourism in Taiwan. It is hope that through such innovative and charming small tours in Kaohsiung, where visitors can travel to secret realms in the mountains and the sea, or taste the many flavors of rural and urban areas, individuals will be able to re-understand South Taiwan and create unforgettable memories.

In addition to Kaohsiung’s well-known harbor style, romantic Xiziwan Beach, and the nearby Pier 2 Art Zone, which form a cultural and creative cluster, there is also “Viken Tea Art” which offers tea classes and four-season tea party experiences in the alleys of Yancheng. "Cultural Party," an expert on staghorn ferns provides handmade plant courses. "Kaohsiung Cultural Association," which is deeply involved in local history and culture, launched the Zuoying Old Town Walking Tour and parent-child DIY; "Fengshan Shrimp Cultural and Creative Studio" is based on Fengshan Traditional Market combined with art performances; Gangshan’s local "Zhi Bin Bean Sauce" delicacy is now available at PX Mart and also offers a bean sauce DIY experience suitable for children of all ages.

Entering the foothills of Kaopin Mountain in East Kaohsiung from the coast, is like going back in time. Experience the ancient flavored honeycomb toffee and local specialty banana series DIY organized by "Kaohsiung Qishan District Tangchang Community Development Association." There is also "Liuchuanggongyuan Glass Art Promotion and Teaching Center" where visitors can create glass pendants using the first microwave kiln in Taiwan. The itinerary can also be extended to roam around nearby Meinong and Qishan old streets.

When visitors arrive as indigenous areas with abundant products, there is "Tjanavakung Coffee" from the Rinari tribe, which provides tribal guides, indigenous-style meals and coffee experiences; further up the mountain at Wutai Township, Pingtung, "Rukai Hundred-pace Snake Restaurant" provides a cooking school experience that is loved by children of all ages, including eating, playing and rich handicraft experiences.

The Kaohsiung Destination Marketing Organization’s innovative and charming small tours create in-depth one-to-three-day itineraries, allowing visitors to roam between the mountains and the sea, while they drink in the beauty and enthusiasm of southern Taiwan. Family and friends are invited to come and see Kaohsiung’s “Mountains, Seas, City, and Indigenous Areas." For more information about the itineraries, go to the Accupass ticket platform or the official website of Maolin National Scenic Area Headquarters.

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